Our Qualifications and Policies

Our Commitment
Any contract we undertake, from a highly-sensitive road construction, protecting a site from demonstrators, or loss prevention, personal protection of a high profile client, to providing security within the leisure industry, we always carry out an in-depth informative Risk, Hazard and Threat Assessment, from which we can liaise with the client for their requirements and our recommendations.

We operate a strict health and safety in the work place policy which we believe benefits you as the client and our staff . Every assignment we operate has a comprehensive Security Log and Incident Report, which can include numbers of people in venue/ on site every half hour. This can help, where feasible, in the event of an evacuation of the venue or site. In addition, we have public liability insurance for £5,000,000 and employer liability for £10,000,000.

Our Personnel

Most Operatives hold either: Chapter 8 under NRWSA ACT Unit 2 operative or Unit 10 monitoring of – Signing Lighting & Guarding under the NRSWA (New Roads and Street Works Act 1991) This allows us to take care of ALL your Traffic Management Requirements.
LINK: swqr.org.uk
Most Operatives are qualified BANKS-MAN we hold ITSSAR which is workplace transport 2012 so whilst performing our Gate Security we can Park, Direct Vehicles to Holding or Unloading Bays in safely with a firm knowledge of health and safety for driver, public and other site operatives.
LINK: www.itssar.co.uk

ALL Operatives have passed the HEALTH, SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENT OPERATIVES TEST from the CITB which qualifies us to carry the CSCS Card Construction Related Occupation this demonstrates all our Operatives have a sound understanding of Construction Site Health and Safety Awareness.
LINK: www.cscs.uk.com

We at Event Security Southern have a comprehensive recruitment process. All our operatives are screened and vetted to British Standards 7858 by qualified personnel trained to obtain background and verification checks on all operatives.

All our personnel regularly undertake the highest training available to the Private Security Industry.

All are registered with the Security Industry Authority to a minimum of level 2 and with the exemption of covert assignments, the licences are clearly visible at all times.

We operate a strict policy of using the SIA Web-Checker every week, inputting all our operatives SIA Licence Numbers to ensure that they are fully licensed and allowed to be deployed within the industry.

Our Managing Director Dan Wilson along with 6 other Operatives and our Patrol Dogs are all fully trained and accredited with the British Institute Of Professional Dog Trainers Security Dog Handling, a Home Office backed award.

We are proud that some of our operatives carry enhanced baseline and security clearance checks when operating within MOD properties, specialising in sensitive sites.

Unlike some companies, we never sub-contract assignments out. We guarantee that we will only undertake an assignment if we have fully satisfied ourselves we can fulfill the undertaking.

We have a policy of paying all staff above both the minimum and the living wage.

We believe in investing in all our staff. From their welfare to providing branded uniforms, wet weather equipment and safety footwear. We also offer comprehensive training modules which each operative completes and this is recorded on their Personnel file. In addition to this, we also contract many accredited training providers in specialist fields from dog handling, door supervisors, covert and search techniques and conflict management.

Corporate Social Responsibility
This document sets out the Company’s approach to the responsibilities for staff, partners and clients, and for the community and environment in which it operates. It provides an overview of our corporate responsibilities, some of which are detailed in other documents.

We recognise the unique and important contribution made by every individual person with whom we involve ourselves, to our work, to their own organisations and to the wider community. We welcome human diversity in all its forms and see diversity as fundamental in all our dealings with clients, partners, associates and the wider community.

We accept responsibility for caring for our staff, providing them with meaningful employment, with the opportunity to provide for themselves and their families and for ensuring, as far as we can, their continuing health, safety and welfare in the workplace.

We recognise the need of our clients to a safe and secure environment and regard their property, including intellectual property as being as important as our own.

We recognise our responsibility to protect the general public by being vigilant and reporting any concerns to the relevant authorities.

We recognise that we must contribute to maintaining and improving the environment in which we operate through the application of our environmental policy, our policy on equality and diversity and our Health and Safety policy.

We will deal with our business partners and employees in an honest and honourable manner at all times.

Enviromental Policy

Event Security Southern Ltd is dedicated to the adoption of environmentally responsible policies and practices, combined with regular reviews of both its performance and the Inherent scope for further improvements. We aim, through continuous staff awareness and training, to create and maintain the highest levels of environmental responsibility and are committed to the prevention of pollution through continual improvement.

Policy Statement:

Event Security Southern Ltd maintains a fundamental belief in the importance of protecting the environment and will take all necessary steps within its power to eliminate, or control, environmental hazards and risks by;

1. Adopting the highest possible environmental standards in all its operations, wherever these are located.

2. Aiming to make the most economical use of all resources, supplies and energy, incorporating renewable or recycled materials wherever possible.

3. Keeping ourselves informed of best practices in compliance with environmental legal requirements.

4. Minimising waste produced in all areas of the business, inclusion of recycled materials and the methods for environmentally acceptable disposal of resources as necessary.

5. Complying with all applicable legal requirements in relation to our environmental aspects.

6. Encouraging employee involvement in positive environmental action. Event Security Southern Ltd will regularly assess the environmental impact of all its operations.

7. Our environmental objectives and targets shall be reassessed in line with current legislation and at each management review of the Environmental Quality Management System.

8. Ensuring that company vehicles are, where feasible, environmentally friendly and that our drivers continue to reduce their carbon footprint by measured objectives.
Event Security Southern Ltd staff has a responsibility towards the environment in which they live and work. A conscientious attitude and a commitment to the company’s objectives are expected from our employees. The contents of this policy shall be communicated to all personnel through induction training, team meetings and on-site briefings.

Equal Opportunities Policy
The aim of Event Security Southern Ltd is to provide the appropriate number of well-trained and motivated individuals to meet the operational requirements of ESS. In order to achieve this aim, the company is committed to a policy of equal opportunities, which provides a working environment free from discrimination and harassment.

All personnel must have genuine equality of opportunity for training and advancement on merit. Within the framework of law, as governed by UK legislation and EC Directives, discrimination on the grounds of gender, race, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, marital status, religious belief, and physical or mental disability is totally unacceptable. All personnel are to be aware of complaints procedures, and complaints are to be investigated quickly and thoroughly. Proven discrimination will result in disciplinary action.

The detail of our policy of equal opportunities is simply a matter of good leadership, strong teamwork and high personal standards, all of which are essential to the success of the company, responsibility for equal opportunities lies with every individual and is to be exercised through the chain of command.

Recruiting and selection, all staff involved in therecruiting of personnel are to be aware or qualified.

Complaints Procedure
Event Security Southern Ltd is committed to providing a high level of professional service to our customers and members of the public. If you do not receive satisfaction from us, we need to know as soon as possible, as this will help us to improve our standards.

Complaints Procedure

If you have a complaint, please write to Operations Director, to the following address: 393 DORCHESTER ROAD, WEYMOUTH, DT3 5BL

1. We will send you a letter of acknowledgment about your complaint and asking you to confirm or explain the details set out. We will also let you know the name of the person who will be dealing with your complaint. You can expect to receive a letter within 5 days of us receiving your complaint.

2. We will record your complaint in our central register within a day of receiving it.

3. We will acknowledge your reply to our acknowledgment letter and confirm what will happen next. You can expect to receive our acknowledgment letter within 5 days of your reply.

4. We will then start to investigate your complaint. This will normally involve the following steps:

We may ask the member of staff who dealt with you to reply to your complaint within 5 days of our request
We will then examine the member of staff(s) reply and the information you have provided for us.
5. The company Director will then invite you to meet him to discuss and hopefully resolve your complaint. He will do this within 5 days of the end of our investigation.

6. Within 2 days of the meeting, the company Director will write to you to confirm what took place any solutions he has agreed with you.